creative reuse

UPCYCLE DUBUQUE is a unique experiential retail center. Upcycling is when the addition of creativity to an already manufactured item brings a new function. A CD jewel case can become a bird feeder, wine corks turned into a cork board, a t-shirt transformed into a rug or grocery bag.

Creative reuse centers are sustainable, cost effective innovative partnerships that locate, collect, and redistribute a variety of unique and enjoyable materials to inspire and support creativity and innovation in education. They serve children, teachers, parents, artists, and others members of local schools, child care centers, Head Start & after school programs, and assisted living facilities,....a win-win-win for education, business, and the environment!


  • Thousands of pounds of useable materials are diverted from the landfill

  • Households, manufacturers and businesses have a hub to donate unwanted materials

  • Creating green collar jobs opportunities and supports grassroots economic development

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