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Education & Outreach


“Love the support of local artists, and the different variety in the scrap store. You can't walk out empty handed! Great resource to the Dubuque Community!”.


Marie Elizabeth Brown

Part of the mission of Upcycle Dubuque is engaging our community in an environment that allows for skill development in finishing, refinishing, and creation of valuable assets from recaptured materials.  We call this experiential retail. 


We believe the virtue and message of upcycling is one worth sharing.  We actively seek opportunities and have been invited to share our story with several entities in Dubuque and surrounding communities.





Workshops – Upcycle Dubuque will offer a myriad of classes for the general public that engages them in selecting from our recaptured inventory to create new and original objects.  There will be specific projects, i.e., spray can pendant lamps, cutting boards out of reclaimed scrap lumber, mosaics, etc.